Why It’s Important to Clean Your Roof After Heavy Rains

Sometimes it can be the simplest yet contradictory things in life that get the best of us. And cleaning a roof after it rains is one of them. Because after all, when it rains, don’t things get cleaned in the process? Not exactly, or at least not exactly with roofs. Just like cars, roofs need an actual thorough cleaning with tools that were designed to get the job. Car washes use special soaps and equipment to better care for the vehicle’s surface. Roofs are no exception. During and after it rains, there are many factors that can affect the roof’s integrity. Here’s why it’s important to clean your roof after heavy rains.

Raining on Roof

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

As strong as a roof can be in terms of withstanding normal wear and tear, over time it can get worn down. That’s when the costs of repairs begin to pile up. It only takes a few patches on your roof to have to pay for a roof replacement. But with some maintenance over time, you can actually prevent long-term damage from the uncontrollable elements. With a soft wash roof cleaning, you can prevent natural things like moss from forming. With high humidity during storms, the environment on your roof becomes the perfect breeding ground for it to grow. The longer that you leave it there, the harder and costlier it will be to remove.

High Energy Costs

One really interesting aspect to leaving debris on the roof doesn’t only come in the form of long-term damage but it comes in the form of higher energy bills. That’s right, when you leave algae and other debris on your roof, heat is retained in the home. This may be good for the winter time but when it comes to the warmer months, be prepared to shell out when the energy bill comes in. That’s why regular maintenance is important, especially after a storm.

Insurance Purposes

Finally, not many homeowners realize this but some insurance companies require you to keep the roof clean in order to keep the policy active. Since debris is most likely to form after a storm, it’s in your best interest to clean the roof right after or you may risk losing your insurance.

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