What is Efflorescence and How Can I Clean it?

Have you done any tile or brickwork to your patio and noticed a strange salty, filmy substance all over it? You probably thought it was from a bad paving job or failure to clean up after finishing. This is something called “efflorescence,” which is a French word that means “to flower out.”

What Is Efflorescence And How Can I Clean It?

Fleet Kleen would like to explain what this is, what you can do about it, and offer our assistance wherever necessary in addressing the problem around your home.

What is Efflorescence?

The reason efflorescence looks like salt is because that’s basically what seeps from your concrete after installation or paving. It’s a hydroxide calcium substance that you would use in many of the cleaning products. Once those chemicals gain air exposure, efflorescence is the reaction that occurs.

Again, it usually leaves a salt-like appearance, and if you do an image search on the Internet, you’ll see that it happens very commonly with brick walls due to their paving.

As you know, Fleet Kleen does a lot of paver sealing, so we know it’s possible for this to happen after working on patios, sidewalks, and the like. However, we’re able to avoid it by using special cleaning agents that don’t react in the same way.

Should I Try To Clean it?

Many homeowners, upon finding efflorescence, will immediately reach for their garden hose and attempt to wash away the substance. This could make things worse, however. That’s because the chemical reaction typically worsens whenever you inflict it with moisture.

Fleet Kleen – Helping You Eliminate the Efflorescence Problem

That’s why it’s important to contact Fleet Kleen if you encounter a strange residue like efflorescence. We’ve seen how this problem works and know some tricks on how to address it. Better yet, allow Fleet Kleen to seal all of your pavers so that you’ll have the peace of mind knowing everything was done correctly, start to finish.

It’s important to employ only the best paver-sealing companies for this type of work, one that will only use the most appropriate cleaning and sealing chemicals on your exterior concrete surfaces. Taking a chance with a journeyman or rookie outfit could cost you and bring about problems like efflorescence.

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