We Can Help with Your Post-Holiday Power Washing Clean-Up

There’s a lot of stress that comes with the planning, preparation, and execution of the holiday season. It’s not easy and seems to be a little bit more stressful every year. Of course, one aspect we always forget about until the end is the post-holiday clean-up. Between trees, decorations, get-togethers, and a never-ending parade of festivities, there’s bound to be a mess or two…and sometimes several. However, a professional power washer can help alleviate the situation and return things to normal. We’ve picked three reasons why.

Post Holiday Power Washing

Time Saver

When the lights and decorations come down, you might notice they leave behind a few reminders with them. Giving the side and roof of your house a post-décor washdown will eliminate the dust and other unsightly fragments that get left behind. And besides, this makes a great preventive measure against mold and pests that might be beginning to seep in.

Stay One Step Ahead of the Weather

A pressure washer should only be used during the warmest part of the day. The holiday season is a harbinger of the wintertime that’s right around the corner. Applying a washer to the front of the house before and after the holidays will help you stay ahead of jack frost. It’s advised that you stop pressure washing when the temperature gets below 30 degrees.

Nooks and Crannies

As you clean up the residual holiday mess, take advantage of the time to hit some areas you may not use during the holidays. If you’re cleaning up, keep the grime and debris away from the home you hold dear. By the time preparing for the next holiday season starts, you’ll be ready for a light cleanup rather than a large one.

It’s (Mostly) Sunny in Florida

If you’re in the Lakewood Ranch or Sarasota area and need some post-holiday cleaning, trust the experts at Fleet Kleen Pressure Washing and Paver Sealing. We specialize in the outside and roof of your home and can help your home look pristine, post-holiday, and all year long. Visit our website for a free quote at www.fleetkleenservice.com, give us a call at (941) 723-0086, or fill out the form below. Happy Holidays!