Top 5 Ways to Keep Your House Cooler This Summer

Summer heat can be unbearable. Instead of suffering through the hot weather, keep your house cool. Here are five ways you can to help you do so:

Having your roof washed can actually help you keep your home cooler. This is because dirty roofs can result in mildew built-up and infestations of dirt. This can put holes in your roof that let in unwanted heat. When you have your roof routinely washed, you don’t have to worry about damage.

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Ceiling fans are also a great way to keep your home cool. Circulating air can make any space feel more comfortable in the hot summer heat. When installing a ceiling fan, be sure the fan runs counterclockwise to draw hot air upwards.

Yard improvements can keep your home cooler. Planting shade trees and foliage around your home can prevent the hot sun from raising the temperature in your home. Plus, trees and foliage can make your yard more attractive.

Letting in the sunlight may be a nice way to brighten up your home, but too much sunlight can make your home too hot. Close the blinds when the sun is too bright to cool down your home. Closing the blinds also prevents sun damage to your flooring and furniture.

Insulation, windows, and doors can make all the difference in your home during extreme weather. To keep unwanted heat out, consider upgrading your doors, windows, and insulation. High-quality options won’t let the outside weather into your home, helping you stay cool and comfortable on hot days.

Fleet Kleen Pressure Washing and Paver Sealing can help you keep your house cool. Our roof cleaning services can help you maintain a cooler temperature in your home. To schedule a roof cleaning with us, give us a call at 941-723-0086 today or fill out the form below!


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    Fleet Kleen has multiple methods to successfully clean roofs, I look forward to a recommendation with my estimate.Soft washing seems like it may be a good option as I want immediate results with the most economical cleaning method. I understand the standard soft wash chemicals can impact plants and Fleet Kleen will review with me how they help to manage those impacts, especially where the drip edge of the roof isn't captured by gutters.Pressure washing seems like it may be a good option as I want immediate results without the risks associated with using chemicals. I understand this method is labor-intensive and is at a slight premium compared to soft washing.The drone seems like it may be a good option as I don't want anyone on my roof. I understand utilizing the drone (for a standard soft wash or a green soap application) includes a $500 premium for this industrial technology to be used on a single residence.