It’s Time for Spring Pressure Cleaning!

Fleet Kleen is ready to help you with your spring pressure cleaning needs. Here are some reasons why regular pressure cleaning is a great idea at your home or business:

Pressure Washing done by Fleet Kleen

Home and building exteriors — Florida’s humidity and rain cause buildup of algae and mold on the outside of buildings. If it is ignored it can damage the paint or siding leading to expensive painting or even repairs in the future. Regular pressure cleaning will extend the life of your home or building exterior and keep it looking fresh.

Lanai and pool enclosures and screens — The same mold and mildew will make your lanai and pool enclosures look dingy. We use a soft pressure system to clean them without causing any damage.

Driveway and concrete cleaning — Driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other structures need regular cleaning to prevent deterioration. Accumulated mold keeps the concrete wet and will degrade it over time. Our commercial pressure cleaning equipment assures you a great cleaning to keep your driveways and other areas clean and bright.

Fencing and outdoor furniture — Cleaning fences and furniture is a labor intensive job. Let us do it for you with our pressure cleaning equipment. We can clean all kinds of materials easily and with no damage. You can then enjoy the outdoors without all the work!

Fleet Kleen also provides brick paver sealing and roof cleaning services. For any of your exterior cleaning needs, think of Fleet Kleen Pressure Washing & Paver Sealing first. We service Sarasota, Manatee, and parts of Hillsborough counties in southwest Florida. Call us today at 941-723-0086 and discover how Fleet Kleen can bring your property to a sparkling clean condition!

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