The Fleet Kleen Residential Drone Services

Our drone is used on a regular basis for commercial and multi-family projects. We also offer our drone soft wash solution for homeowners... although there is a premium to utilizing this industrial technology for individual residences.

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If you are ready to see how Fleet Kleen Pressure Washing & Paver Sealing can help you with your roof, then the below form provides you with some summary information about our roof cleaning options as your input will help us get started in providing an estimate specifically for your property.

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    Fleet Kleen has multiple methods to successfully clean roofs, I look forward to a recommendation with my estimate.Soft washing seems like it may be a good option as I want immediate results with the most economical cleaning method. I understand the standard soft wash chemicals can impact plants and Fleet Kleen will review with me how they help to manage those impacts, especially where the drip edge of the roof isn't captured by gutters.Pressure washing seems like it may be a good option as I want immediate results without the risks associated with using chemicals. I understand this method is labor-intensive and is at a slight premium compared to soft washing.The drone seems like it may be a good option as I don't want anyone on my roof. I understand utilizing the drone (for a standard soft wash or a green soap application) includes a $500 premium for this industrial technology to be used on a single residence.

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    Keep It Clean

    Our ‘Keep it Clean’ maintenance program includes the option for keeping your entire property, or just your roof, clean year-round with an affordable program customized to your needs and your property.

    Keep It Clean

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    “I read about this procedure with the drone - my tiles are 20 years old - this really is the perfect opportunity.  It's ridiculous not to use a system like this.”