Maximize Your Curb Appeal with Fleet Kleen’s Commercial Cleaning

Fleet Kleen’s commercial cleaning services are a must for businesses in our part of Florida. The sun, salt air, moisture, and dirt can all do a lot of damage to the exterior surfaces of your commercial building. If you let this mix accumulate on the outside of your building it will not only reduce your curb appeal but it will also eventually damage the building.

Lakewood Ranch Town Hall Pressure Cleaning

Dirt, sunlight, and moisture can be an excellent combination for fungus and mold to develop. Florida has all three of these ingredients in abundance, therefore it is critical that you keep them at bay with regular commercial building cleaning from Fleet Kleen. We will remove all dirt and other contaminants from the building exterior, the roof, all soffits and fascia, and will make sure all gutters are clean and unclogged.

If you haven’t had your commercial building cleaned in some time you will be amazed how much better it will look when we are finished. Also, this good appearance will last for some months because the clean surfaces will resist dirt and mold accumulation. The same goes for the roof of your building. Regardless of the roof materials, dirt and moisture can offer a great source of nourishment for mold and algae. If not addressed regularly, this contamination can accelerate the aging of your roof and lead to leaks and other issues. Plus, the roof will look unsightly and turn off potential customers. People make unconscious decisions about your business when they first see your building. Don’t push them away with a dirty building!

Our commercial customers can also take advantage of our drone cleaning services to clean parts of your building that other cleaning companies cannot reach. Fleet Kleen can clean any size building quickly and efficiently with our full complement of cleaning equipment. We can also clean driveways and sidewalks as well as pavers. Your building will be sparkling clean, maintain a positive presence for the neighborhood, and be attractive to your customers.

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