Let Us Clean Your Lakewood Ranch Roof Today!

In Florida, a regular roof cleaning for many homes is a great idea both for maintaining your home and for improving its appearance. Here are some reasons why roof cleaning by Fleet Kleen is a great idea for your home:
Roof Cleaning in Sarasota

Energy Efficiency — Many Florida homes use light-colored roofing because it reflects the sun and reduces the air conditioning requirements in the home. Over time mold and mildew can form on roofs causing them to darken and absorb more heat. A regular cleaning by Fleet Kleen will keep them bright.

Curb Appeal — A clean roof improves the look of your home, and a dirty roof will be visible to neighbors and passersby. Like any regular home painting or other maintenance, a roof cleaning is a good idea to keep your home looking sharp.

Extends Roof Life — Many Florida homes use shingle roofs, and over time they darken due to algae which is feeding on the limestone in the shingles and will cause them to break down over time. Fleet Kleen can use a low pressure and chemical wash to remove algae and extend the life of your roof. We also recommend regular cleaning of tile roofs to maintain them in top condition.

Keep Gutters Clear and Clean — Gutters over time will accumulate dirt and mold, which can eventually corrode aluminum gutters and create leaks. Fleet Kleen clears and cleans your gutters as part of our roof cleaning.

Safety Reasons — It is really not a good idea for homeowners to be climbing on their roof, because a fall can result in serious injury or death. Our technicians have the proper training and equipment to do the work safely so you don’t have to risk your life.

Fleet Kleen Pressure Washing & Paver Sealing is also happy to announce that we have drone technology available for difficult or hard to reach roofs. We team with Drone Roof Cleaning LLC to safely clean your roof with no people having to climb onto the roof. If you don’t like people climbing on your roof contact Fleet Kleen today and ask about our drone cleaning services.