Hurricane Season is Here. Is Your Roof Prepared?

Hurricanes bring heavy rainfall and strong winds. This intense weather can cause a lot of damage. Hurricane season is here. Is your roof prepared?

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Hurricane season takes place between June 1 and November 30. The peak season is from mid-August to late October. During this time of the year, you want to make sure your home is prepared. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home when it comes to hurricane weather. A faulty roof can lead to more serious problems, including flooding, foundation damage, and so on.

Wind damage is a top concern during hurricane season. Wind damage can cause a roof to blow off, it can blow items onto a roof, and it can rip mounted hardware out of your roof. Water damage is another major concern. Heavy rains can cause your roof to experience excess moisture, which can lead to a variety of problems.

To prepare your roof for hurricane season, get in touch with the professionals. A roofing contractor will look at the membrane of your roof, the flashings, the mounted equipment, and the gutters. They will search to make sure there are no rips, incorrect installations, weak spots, and backups. Another way to make sure your roof is ready for hurricane season is by having your roof inspected on a routine basis. A roof that is properly inspected is ready for whatever it may encounter, which is especially helpful during hurricane season. Plus, frequent washes can keep algae from growing, it can remove harmful debris, and it can prevent your gutters from getting backed up.

For help maintaining your roof during hurricane season, and year-round, get in touch with Fleet Kleen! Our exterior cleaning services can help prepare your roof for intense weather. To schedule an appointment for a roof cleaning, give us a call at 941-723-0086!