Here’s How You Can Clean and Maintain Your Concrete Patio

When have a concrete patio or you’re looking to have one installed, it can be easy to assume that because it’s concrete it won’t need any maintenance or cleaning. You may also believe that whatever cleaning that it does it would be minimal. This isn’t the case as concrete patios need a certain amount of care to keep them looking their best. But don’t fret, because we have a few tips to keep your concrete patios looking great!

Keep the Patio Clean

The first thing that you can do is some preventative maintenance. If you keep your patio clean to begin with, then there will be little catchup work later on. It’s always better to keep your patio in good shape year-round rather than putting it off and having to deal with it all at once. Keep it clean.

Backyard Patio

Use Sealer

Just as our lips use chapstick to protect them from dryness, our concrete patios can use sealer as a protective coating against long-term damage and cosmetic imperfections. It’s just another layer of protection that will help you reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do on a regular basis. Think of sealer as a helper.

Use Rugs

When you don’t want to apply sealing but want protection at a simpler level, you simply put a rug down over your patio to reduce dirt and long-term deterioration. Rugs can also be replaced easier and at a cheaper rate when it comes time.

Don’t Use Destructive Chemicals

When it comes to keeping a patio clean, there are a lot of products out there that promise a lot of things and some of those products may be good while others may just put utilize harmful chemicals onto your patio. Chemicals can wear down concrete pretty quickly over time and you’ll be spending far more on repairs in that case.

Wax or Polish Stamped Concrete

Another alternative to using a sealer is using wax or polish. These often need to be applied more than a sealer but they can be far more effective than a rug. It’ll also reduce the amount of daily cleaning that you’ll need to do on the patio.

Provide Cover Overhead

Another added layer of protection for your patio is putting something above it to reduce damage from elements like weather. Snow, rain, and heat can be detrimental to the health of concrete over time and the more that you protect it from sunlight and storms, the better condition it’ll remain in.

Manage the Growth of Plants

Lastly, plants are great additions to any property. They enhance the aesthetic tenfold. But they can also do damage when they’re left to their own devices. They can wreak havoc on concrete when fines, tree roots, and other plants grow without restriction. If you keep your plants away, then your concrete will thank you.

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