Let Us Treat Your Pavers!

Fleet Kleen Pressure Washing & Paver Sealing has over 50 years of experience in handling paver cleaning and sealing jobs. We will provide a professional result while maintaining the integrity of your home and landscaping. Here is a summary of our cleaning and sealing process:

Site Visit

The first step is to visit your property and determine your cleaning/sealing needs. We can also provide basic repair services or sub-contract more extensive repairs to known contractors. It is always a good idea to keep some spare pavers when installing a paver driveway or walkway to allow for future repairs. We will also wet the pavers to give you an idea of the final look once they are sealed.

We also need to determine if the pavers have been previously sealed, as we may need to strip off that sealant for the new sealant to work properly. Stripping chemicals are aggressive and can potentially cause damage to a home’s paint or nearby landscaping. Any information you have about previous sealing work will greatly assist us in determining if stripping will be required.

Pavers Treated by Fleet Kleen


We always pressure wash pavers to remove mold, mildew, and dirt. If there is additional staining from oil or other chemicals, we may recommend a deep clean to remove them. It is important to remove stains completely before sealing the pavers since the stains will be there forever once the pavers are sealed.

Repairs and Leveling

Before sealing it is important to repair broken pavers and make sure the drive or walkway is level. Fleet Kleen Pressure Washing & Paver Sealing can provide small repairs if you have extra pavers available. More extensive damage will require the use of paver contractors who can provide the service. You are welcome to arrange these repairs yourself prior to our cleaning and sealing process.


Sand is used below pavers to provide a smooth base and to allow water to drain away. Sand is also brushed into the paver joints during installation. If sand is missing we recommend it be replaced in the joints for a consistent look after sealing. Too much sand can be an issue so we recommend not doing it yourself. Also, polymeric sand should be avoided as it can create issues unless used entirely on a new paver installation.


Fleet Kleen uses our “Seal of Approval” process with two coats of semi-gloss water-based urethane sealant. We can also provide no-gloss or high-gloss sealant on request. We can often clean and seal your pavers the same day. We only use a premium sealant manufactured by Innovative Concrete Technologies in Lakeland FL.

If your paver landscaping looks old and tired, it may simply need a good cleaning and sealing by Fleet Kleen Pressure Washing & Paver Sealing. Call us today at 941-723-0086 for a consultation or quote.