Five Reasons to Keep Your Roof Clean Year-Round

Some people feel that roof cleaning is something you need to do when the roof becomes particularly unsightly or there is moss growing on it. In reality, regularly cleaning your home or business roof makes sense for a number of reasons.

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Curb appeal — If you are running a business, your customers get a first impression about you as they walk toward your building. If you have a dirty and moss-covered roof, does this give your business the first impression you want? Do you want to be the only house in the neighborhood with a dirty roof? Curb appeal is a good thing at all times, not just when you are trying to sell your home.

Roof maintenance — Roof cleaning is not just about aesthetics, but it’s an important part of your home or business maintenance. A clean roof will last longer, repel moisture better, and allow you to inspect the roof for minimal damage before it gets worse.

Protect the building structure — Small roof problems covered by dirt and moss can allow moisture to enter below the roof. Over time, this can allow the subroof to rot, increase the possibility of mold, and if not repaired can lead to interior damage.

Reduce costs — As mentioned above, a clean roof lasts longer than a dirty one. That translates to cost savings over time. A roof cleaning will cost a few hundred dollars while replacing the roof costs thousands of dollars. That cost goes way up if water leaks damage the interior of the building or home. You are saving money by cleaning your roof.

Reduce insurance costs — Insurance companies will periodically check on your home or business to determine if they are being maintained. Poorly maintained buildings raise insurance costs, so the insurance company can raise your rates if they determine you aren’t maintaining the building properly. A dirty roof is a sure sign of neglect, so regularly cleaning your roof can keep your insurance costs lower.

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