Don’t Let All This Rain Ruin Your Brick Pavers!

As the wet and rainy weather continues to drench our region this time of year, it’s important to make sure that the brick pavers at your home are cared for and protected before any serious damage can be done. Not only does it take away from the visual appeal of your house and property when they become deteriorated, but it can also produce safety concerns as well. 

Paver Sealing from Kleet Kleen

The rain, humidity, and hot weather all work together to create a perfect recipe of disaster for your pavers. Mildew, dirt, and mold all thrive in these conditions and they can wreak havoc not only on their appearance but also on their safety and stability. 

Failure to have them properly sealed to keep the moisture, muck, and grime out can cause the sand under them to shift and loosen, which creates a tripping hazard, while the slickness of the mold and mildew presents a slipping possibility. We’re sure the last thing you need is you, a family member, or even worse a guest or a stranger falling and injuring themselves on your property. All it takes is a little bit of effort through the services of a qualified company to make sure your brick pavers are in tip-top shape for the nasty weather ahead.

So to keep your homes’ appearance and functionality in top-notch condition during this rainy season make sure that you take care of your brick pavers with regularly scheduled power washes and sealing. Let our professional and experienced crew at Fleet Kleen Pressure Washing & Paver Sealing take care of your home brick maintenance needs today. You can reach us at 941-723-0086. We are ready and standing by to help you with all of your power washing and cleaning chores.