Clean First, Seal Second

We’ve placed a lot of emphasis on our paver sealing operations lately because it’s so valuable for preserving exterior surfaces. However, it’s also vital to do all the routine cleaning and preparation before getting a major sealing project. Those two components combine to form a winning strategy for a longer paver life expectancy.

Paver Sealing Sarasota

Cleaning/Maintenance Tasks To Do Before Paver Sealing

Clean your paver surfaces as thoroughly as possible.
Cleaning is essential both before and after the paver sealing process. There’s something called efflorescence that can ruin everything if you fail to clean properly before the job. Fortunately, our trained team can help you ensure a good follow-up and avoid that problem, but it’s really important to monitor things for a few days following paver sealing.

Fleet Kleen’s Approach to Top-Notch Paver Sealing in Sarasota

So, as you can see, it helps to take care of a few upkeep items before getting paver sealing. This is also how we approach the task whenever you hire us. Fleet Kleen prefers to thoroughly clean your pavers before returning another day in order to inspect the cleaning and then complete the sealing. It helps us guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our work.

Don’t forget that we offer paver sealing, pressure washing, roof cleaning, and other effective services all year long in Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota. Fleet Kleen does this for residential, commercial, and HOA clients alike. Call us to learn more about paver sealing, at (941) 723-0086.