Are You the Next Superhero?

There is a lot of ‘SUPERHERO’ talk out there with the new Avenger’s movie hitting the theatres recently. Have you considered utilizing Drone Roof Cleaning technology so you could be the next Superhero in your Home, Company or Association? Fleet Kleen has had the pleasure of partnering ‘Hydrone’ with the below superheroes:

Hyrdone Roof Cleaner Cleaning Home Roof

SUPERHERO HOA Board Saved Their Property Values

The owners at Edgemere Home Owners Association had repeatedly had issues with broken roof tiles and leaking roofs over the years, yet the dirty roofs were impacting the value of their homes. Each of the 41 homeowners was able to make their own decision about paying for a roof cleaning – and 37 of the 41 owners made the decision to have ‘Hydrone’ clean their roof. Tom and the HOA Board became the Superheros in their community as there wasn’t a single step on their cleaned tile roofs and the market value of their properties has now been restored.

SUPERHERO in Sarasota Solved A Risky Dilemma

We were recently in a golf course community in Sarasota where a beautiful, towering home, surrounded with wonderful landscaping, had recently received a letter about a dirty roof that was visible from the golf course. Having recently paid for extensive roof repairs, they assumed a roof cleaning would mean they had to assume the risks of someone being on their roof or they had to assume the risks of heavy equipment damaging their landscaping. The Superhero solved this dilemma by inviting ‘Drone Roof Cleaning technology’ to clean the roof without having to assume either of those risks.

SUPERHERO in Bradenton Wins a Weekend With His Family

Dewayne struggled for years to clean the metal roof over his garage. He was a weekend warrior trying to apply cleaners from a pump-up sprayer on a ladder. This took a lot of time at least once per year, was dangerous and he still couldn’t hit all the hard to reach areas. This year, Dewayne enjoyed an hour of watching ‘Hydrone’ soft wash his roof – the Superhero spent the rest of his weekend with his family.

Could you be the next Superhero? Contact Fleet Kleen Pressure Washing & Paver Sealing: / / 941-723-0086 Bob Hoffman – General Manager – May 2019